How to unmask a fraud!

Most of recent study of history of Pelagianism is based on the supposition that “it all started with” Rufinus the Syrian, who was the inspiration behind Pelagius (and Caelestius) and who wrote the enigmatic Liber de fide. Central here is the “history” of Rufinus as given by Marius Mercator. I have argued against the very existence of the Syrian. There is adequate evidence for identifying … Continue reading How to unmask a fraud!

The Syrian and the Vulgate

In his excellent overview of the Latin New Testament H. Houghton finally removed the candidacy of the “Syrian” from the lofty post of being translator of much of the Vulgate NT. Much of the evidence against Rufinus (whoever he was) has been presented by me in an article in Augustinianum. The story of his ever getting the honour is a history of misguided guesswork. There … Continue reading The Syrian and the Vulgate